Noise Problem? Deflect The Noise With Lanscaping.

Your garden should be an oasis; a peaceful and serene place you go to relax.  If your garden is plagued with a barrage of noise pollution such as the sounds of traffic, schools, train lines, airports and other public places that create large amounts of noise pollution a natural and beautiful way you can eliminate some of the noise is to use landscaping as a noise deflection.  There are many harmful effects that you may not associate with noise pollution. Studies have shown that being subjected to this kind of pollution can cause problems with your sleeping patterns, stress, hearing loss, hypertension and various other harmful complications.

You can reduce this unwanted noise, even by 50%, with a well-structured approach, because plants are one of the most effective treatments for noise pollution at absorbing those sounds. With a combination of distance, vegetation and structures you can create that serene relaxing oasis you have always dreamed of.

Below are a couple of diagrams that show how the multi-faceted natural approach can help you achieve your desired outdoor space.

barrier1noise barriernoise barrier2

Bigger is not always better: it is the job of your professional landscape company to help you attain the best and most cost-effective way to help sound proof your gardens.  Layering and using varied plant materials, textures, colors and shapes will help ensure you have a functional and effective noise deflecting space as well as aesthetically pleasing.

JOHN2A well-built series of small berms between the source of the unwanted noise and your yard is one of the most cost-effective ways of alleviating or diminishing the bothersome sounds.  Randy Brannan, owner of Roanoke Landscapes here in the Roanoke, Virginia area, says the berms should have gradual slopes to them; this helps to prevent erosion. They are beautiful ways of eliminating a nuisance, adding a tranquil, easy-going space and adds value to your home.

barrier4Adding a water feature such as a waterfall, a bubbling fountain or a stream is also a way to reduce the noise along with the well-structured noise deflecting landscape.  This will add a tranquil element to your garden.  The fountains create a ‘white noise’ that is soothing to the ears and easy on the eyes. You can have a water feature that is adjustable; one that creates a lot of noise and large splashes at the most bothersome time of the day for the outside noise intrusion (like rush hour traffic times) and when the outside noise levels are lower you can adjust it to a more gentle and placid sound.

Creating and regulating effective sound control requires the professionally trained designers.  These professionals are versed in every aspect and nuance of the techniques required for successful noise deflection. Always discuss your specific issues with your designer in order to attain the most effective solution for your noise problem.

One more helpful tip: Be aware that more modern, hard and sleek designs can exacerbate the audibility of the noise problems, especially in more urban and city areas.

Call us today to design your new garden space free of those pesky outside sounds.


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