Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 9

Maturity of Your Plant Selection and Spacing


When you first plant your landscape everything will seem quite small and barren. You have to think about what your landscape will look like when it matures. How big the trees and shrubs get? What will the plants cover? How will it look? Ask yourself this and make sure your landscape designer takes this in account in their design of your landscape.


This is also why it is important to properly space your plants to the recommended distances. We can all look at a young landscape when we are planting and think, I will just put them closer together. We want that instant luxuriousness of the mature landscape. We just have to wait, for them to mature. Plants need room to grow to their full maturity. A sure way of killing them or stunting the growth is planting them too close or in too small of a pot or container to allow for good root growth. So stick to the plan, and be patient. It will be well worth it.


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