Have a Lush Green Lawn Without Over-Watering.


Keep Your Outdoor Space Lush & Green — Without Over-Watering

Your yard and lawn is really just an extended part of your home–for entertaining, enjoying time with your family, and the kids being able to play. Your lawn and landscape is the backdrop of your home, the neighborhood, and the community in which you live. It contributes not only to your home, living, and value but also to those around you. Therefore, it is important to know how much to water without over-watering or wasting your water. This is as important as the overall maintenance of your home.


We are often ask how much water does my lawn need? The type of your soil will determine how much water your yard needs each week. At the minimum your grass needs  That will depend on your soil, but generally, your lawn will need at least an inch of water every week and it is better to do to in half an inch increments at a time.

Some easy to follow tips to keep your lawn healthy and green by using the least amount of water.

    1. Check for any weather-related restrictions your local counties or municipalities may have. There can at times be limits on times of day and even amounts of water you can use to water your turf.
    2. Make sure your irrigation system is set to water your lawn in the early morning hours; it will give it time for the moisture to soak in before evaporating from the sun.
    3. By letting your grass grow a little taller, it will protect against the sun’s rays. Also longer grass will he keep more of the moisture in and keep it from evaporating as much.
    4. Mulching helps to conserve water by keeping the water from evaporating as well. Whenever possible you should always mulch your yard.
    5. Make sure if you set your sprinkler out, you do not leave it unattended. Not only can the sprinklers cause a mushy mess it will also waste water. Make sure you set a sprinkler timer so you won’t forget about it. Make sure you test how long it takes to accumulate a half-inch of water.



4 thoughts on “Have a Lush Green Lawn Without Over-Watering.

  1. Hi Melody,

    Yes, most of our irrigation clients are set to water starting around 2:00AM. This is our default we use for our clients unless they ask otherwise. Another good thing about watering early morning is the sun won’t beat down on your plants and burn them. Thank you for reading. Follow us and keep up-to-date with our new posts. If there is ever anything you would like us to write a blog on feel free to email me at michelle@roanokelandscapes.com

    Thank you!


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