Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 10

Creating Pathways


Creating paths in your garden allows you and your visitors to meander through your landscaping and enjoy it. The careful planning of a pathway can create convenient route for your plant maintenance. Whether you have a big or small yard it is a smart idea to create these pathways in the beginning stages of the planning. Keeping in mind all of the previous secrets to success we have already touched on.


If your yard is large enough it is a good idea to plan the paths at a minimum of 36″ wide. This allows people to be able to walk together through your garden and enjoy it. Keeping in mind to leave enough extra space for plants to spill over into the pathway or sitting areas like a bench.


You can still arrange some really great pathways even if your yard is not the biggest. Strategic planning can allow you to get the same effect without having the space to do so. Make sure to convey your wants and needs to your landscape designer. Small or large, pathways create a flow through your garden.


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