Secrets to Landscape Success: Day 12

Veggies: a welcome integration in your garden.


When you think of the word ‘garden’ most people in America would think of a garden of vegetables and fruits. In Europe, garden typically refers to your yard and landscaping.  It is totally ok to separate your vegetable garden from your landscaping, however, why not integrate your garden into your landscaping.


A vegetable garden co-mingling with your flowers or even disguised as a flowering plant can create borders and be just as aesthetically pleasing as any landscaping plants. It also beats the normal rectangular shaped gardens set off in the corner of some plot of your land or even your square or rectangular raised beds. Plant some beautiful flowers around your cucumber plants.  You can plant Borage and Marigolds around your tomato plants.

Allotment - Tomatoes (Mallorquin) Ripening 29th August 2011

Allotment – Tomatoes (Mallorquin) Image:

You could plant Crocosmia and Cosmos next to your cucumber plants. The possibilities are endless. You landscape professional will have a companion planting guide if this is something you desire.




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