Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 13

The Design is in the Details!


These small detailed touches can really set your landscape and garden design off. Create some focal points not only by line and movement in your garden but also think about landscape lighting. Lighting can draw your eye at dusk or at night to a focal water feature, or to a secluded bench at the end of a curvy path. It can also highlight your prized rose or a statue. The possibilities are really endless.


These focal points do not have to be grandiose or expensive. You can add handcrafted touches you, your children or a family member have made such as: tiles with your children’s feet and/or handprints, or hand designed tiles, a bird house you built or painted, a welcome sign or a sign with you family name. These small little touches is what sets your garden aside from anyone else’s. Your guests will love finding these small little touches throughout your garden.


Bright plantings around things like garden art, a fountain, bird bath, bench always draw the eye in. A lit garden path can lead to a secluded seating area or some other feature in your garden. Make your garden something more, make it an experience!!


Get Creative, Have Fun!



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