Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 14


Colors Colors Colors


Plenty of color, vibrant or pastel, whichever you prefer makes any garden and landscaping just pop! When you cluster many of the same plant variety for bigger clusters that add more color clout. Make sure you are checking with your landscape designer on all the plants and their bloom times. You want to make sure you are planting things that when they bloom together will complement one another in color and size. Staggering plants will make sure you have very good flow and lines throughout your garden space.  Layer your garden like you do clothes. One layer at a time, each complimenting the layer before. Until you have one uniformed and luxurious garden. You landscape designer will have a lot of experience with plants and what is complimentary in size, shape, and color. Contact Roanoke Landscapes today to start planning the garden of your dreams.



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