Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 17


Make sure your plants are getting the right kind of care.

It is very important to know what kind of care and special instructions your plants may have and need. Many plants in the first few years require more attention or special kind of care. These plants can typically thrive in the future if taken care of in the beginning even with a bit of neglect after that.


Avoid watering your plants too much or too little. Know the kind of watering conditions you need for each of your plants. Your landscape professional will know but they will not be there everyday in the future and you must be aware of this as you are choosing plants. Make sure you can take care of all the plants you are picking if you are not paying your landscape professional for property management.


You will also not want to overfertilize your plants. There are certain plants that require specific kinds and times of fertilizers to thrive at their best. If you over fertilize it can kill the plants.



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