Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 18


Problems with your plants.

Wheat seedlings infected with the Ug99 race of stem rust in a screenhouse at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute's (KARI) Njoro research station. CIMMYT works in close collaboration with KARI scientists on large-scale trials screening wheat lines for resistance to Ug99, the new and virulent strain of stem rust that emerged in Uganda in 1999. It is already endemic in the Njoro area, making it possible to use the station as a testing ground for wheats from all over the world; thousands are planted annually as part of an ongoing screening and breeding effort. Photo credit: M. DeFreese/CIMMYT. For more on CIMMYT's ongoing work on Ug99, see the following e-news stories: 2010, "Planting for the future: New rust resistant wheat seed on its way to farmers": October 2009, "From Cairo to Kabul: Rust resistant wheat seed just in time": December 2008, "Report from the field: Wheat stem rust resistance screening at Njoro, Kenya": December 2006, "Threat level rising": September 2005, "The World’s Wheat Crop is Under Threat from New Disease":

Checking for disease in seedlings.

Diagnose any problems quickly with your plants. If your turf or plants suddenly start to brown, have spots, holes, and discolorations. Find out what the cause could be, It could be not enough water or too much. Identify quickly what the culprit is because if it is disease it can spread quite fast.


Some things to look for are soil conditions, watering, sunlight, mowing, pests (such as beetles), fertilization, and disease. If you are unsure of the problem call your local landscaper for help diagnosing the problems. Sometimes you can receive help from a garden center or nursery.


This quick identification can help save your turf or landscape and to help it not to spread to other areas of your turf and landscape.



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