Secrets To Landscape Success: Day 20


Lighting up your Life!!

There is no use in having a beautiful landscape installed and work hard to maintain its luscious splendor if you can’t see it at night. This is why landscape lighting comes in handy. A house can be seen in the day and look magnificent as well at night. There is something that leaves you awestruck when you have a well-lit landscape and home at night.


Lighting can be an integral feature for your home and make your features pop like your deck, patio, water feature, bench at the end of a pathway and other special areas.

This lighting is not only stunning and beautiful; it’s also very important for safety.  The lighting will allow you to use your landscape day or night time. There are many types of lighting available leaving you with infinite possibilities to pull your landscape and garden area and tie it in with your home and overall style.


This completes the 20 blog special of the Secrets To Landscape Success from Roanoke Landscapes. You can find all of our blogs in this series by going into our archive along with many more. If there are any things you would specifically like to know about please email us with your questions and I will write some blog posts in the future.

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