Holiday Lighting Is Upon US


The fall weather rolls in, the trees start to change the variegated colors that fill the Blue Ridge Mountains and countryside. This is a magical time of year when the businesses and homes start to put out their holiday lighting. Where the streets of residential neighborhoods are lit up one by one. The briskness in the air makes you want to bundle up and go for a drive and look at everything lit up like a Christmas tree. Roanoke Landscapes is happy to do our part in bringing many businesses and residential homes some of this Holiday magic.

Here are some trends, tips, and installation guidelines.

Most people are unaware just how many lights it takes to light the different facets of the outside of your home. That is why it is important to hire a credible company to do your outdoor lighting for you.


Here at Roanoke Landscapes we not only do residential lighting but we also do commercial lighting. Many of the hospitals in Lynchburg, Virginia are done by Roanoke Landscapes. We do many residential homes throughout the Roanoke Valley area.  We have the Holiday Spirit!

Some things to remember are just how many lights it really takes to light a tree outdoors. Generally, many studies have shown, that trees are the largest request to light. This is more than bushes, wreathes, and ground lighting. For a normal 9′ tall tree it generally takes between 500-800 feet of lights to light it. If you think about the Christmas Tree in Times Square it generally takes 150,000 lights to light it properly.


A good rule of thumb for lighting trees is that it takes 80 linear feet per foot of the tree to light it well. So a tree that is 10′ tall will generally take 800 feet of lights. Now, this number could go up or down depending on the trees girth. Your Holiday Lighting company can let you know how many feet you will need for your trees.

Having more lights is always better than having a bush or tree with sparse lights on it. If you think a bush will need 4 strands of lights do 8 strands. You will insure it is covered thoroughly and it also eliminates having to redo the spacing and the tree or bush which can be very time-consuming.


It is a good idea to make sure the company you hire has a guarantee on the lighting in your contract. Also make sure you hire a company that is licensed and has experience. Roanoke Landscapes has been doing Holiday Lighting for 12 years.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for Holiday Lighting: 540-992-4845



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