Don’t End Up With Busted Pipes!


Fall is upon us and the winter weather will be here sooner than we think. It is very important to think about winterization. Your irrigation system left unattended will surely wreak havoc on your pocket-book come spring.

This is why it is important to have your irrigation lines blown out and winterized. We here at Roanoke Landscapes are about mid-way through our winterizations and it is not too late to give us a call to protect your lines.


It is of utmost importance to shut off the water supply to the irrigation system. You will find the shut-off generally near the meter. However, if you do not know we can locate it for you. You must also insulate the shut-off against the cold winter weather as well. You can do this by even wrapping it with insulation tape.

If you do not have a shut-off valve you might consider installing one for rest assured preventative maintenance. We install these often for our clients. You should also think about insulating any above ground piping. Some use an insulated bag and just cover the piping.


You must also shut down the controller. You can just shut it off completely or could switch it into rain mode; which still keeps the time but shuts off any connection to the valves. It is better to switch it into this mode because shutting it off completely means you will have to reprogram and change the time every spring when you do your spring start-up.


The most important step is removing all the water from your irrigation system. We use the compressed air blow out to ensure all the water is out of the lines. We do not recommend someone to try to do the blow out yourself. There could be safety hazards and it really is best to call the specialists like Roanoke Landscapes.

So save yourself a headache and some money and give us a call today to take care of your winterization needs! 540-992-4845



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