March Showers Bringing Easter Flowers

Happy Easter! Feliz Pascua! Buona Pasqua! Joyeuses Pâques!  Whatever language you may speak we want to say Happy Easter from Roanoke Landscapes!

Arm yourselves with the perfect Easter flowers for your centerpiece and in your garden.  There are many flowers people consider flowers for Easter.  Here are some of the most popular for you to pick and make your perfect arrangements for Easter.

easter lily The Lily flower is probably the most thought of flower when you think of Easter flowers.  Many florists order hundreds of Lilies just so they can have them ready for their Easter floral arrangements.  Lilies are also a very popular flower in flower gardens all over the country.  They come in many colors but when it comes to Easter, white is the most sought after color.  The lily represents love and hope.  They are grown from a bulb and not seeds; most bulbs are planted in the fall and the flowers will start to bloom in the spring.

easter hyacinth Hyacinth flowers permeate the air with wafts of sweetness.  The different colors of flowers have different meanings.  The meaning of Hyacinth, in general, is ‘comeliness’ which means; pleasing in appearance; attractive; fair. A white Hyacinth flower symbolizes the recipient is lovely or that you will pray for that person, a purple hyacinth means ‘please forgive me’ while; a yellow hyacinth is indicative of jealousy and the pink or red hyacinth says ‘Let’s play’. With the different meanings hopefully one, whom does not know the meanings, doesn’t give a flower and incite an implication they may not mean. Be careful! 🙂

easter ChrysanthemumChrysanthemums, what a word, no? We see these flowers everywhere.  All of the colors of the mums are said to represent or be a symbol of cheerfulness.  With the exceptions being white and yellow.  White implicates truth or truthfulness and yellow a slighted love.  When you present someone with any color in the Chrysanthemum family you are wishing the recipients a greatness and happiness in life. No wonder they are so popular!

easter daffodilDaffodils are just so much fun.  When you look at them they just make you smile. Typically, these can be first of the spring blooms, even peaking through the snow sometimes.  You can also find a lot of wild growing Daffodils. It might just be the most popular Easter flower after the white Lily.  Daffodils predominantly have a romantic connotation. When you give someone Daffodils you are holding that person in a very high regard and many times meaning they are your one and true love.  However, they can also represent the utmost respect you have for the recipient and that you are happy to be with them.  Any color of Daffodils are said to have the same meaning.

Easter azaleaAzaleas come in many colors.  Azaleas frequently line walkways and paths, frame the fronts of homes, and draw in the honey bees! These flowers are considered very elegant in nature with a very sweet fragrance.  A gentle breeze blowing when the Azaleas are blooming leaves your nostrils dancing in the sweet fresh smells. Azaleas can represent passion and temperance.  It is considered an ’emotion’ flower. They are often given in friendship to show that you wish the recipient excellent care for themselves.

easter daisySecond to last is one of my favorites, Daisies!  These are the wild flowers you grow up picking in fields and making flower bracelets and headbands.  When placing a Daisy behind your ear, we all become a little girl/boy again.  Don’t forget a Daisy can determine love! “He loves me, he loves me not!” They have a sweet smell to them and symbolize placidness and purity. Thus, being a very popular and more affordable choice for Easter celebrations. Many times they are dyed to create vibrant and neon colors which are beautiful for floral arrangements.

easter TulipsLast but not least, my personal favorite.  While visiting my grandmother in North Carolina I marvel at the fields and fields of Tulips being grown. We all know Tulips do not have a sweet flowery smell. However, they come in a multitude of colors and are so beautiful. I wish they stayed in bloom longer!  Tulips are the messenger of love and passion.  These are very popular Easter flowers for lovebirds. The full meaning of a Tulip is to convey the feelings of the heart to that special person in your life. Tulips have varied meanings but all of which point to love. A multi-colored bouquet mean you think the recipients eyes are beautiful. Red Tulips are indicative of the standard ‘I Love You’ while yellow means you are hopelessly in love with that person.  Tulips of any color represent that you and your significant other have the ‘perfect love’.

Even if you do not have flowers that you can cut from your own garden, or maybe you are going to someone else’s home for Easter consider buying them a potted plant as a gift.  They can then plant these flowers in their gardens and enjoy them for years to come.

Tips for Fresh-Cut Flowers:

-Early morning is the ideal time to cut your flowers.

-Have the bucket of water close to put the flowers into the water.

-Make sure it is the right stage for you flower to be cut. If gathered too early some flower buds will not open after you place them in the vase.  Flowers that grow on a single stem should be cut when they are fully open. For foliage look for firm rich green leaves.

-Use clean sharp tools for cutting. Cut about 1″ above main stem at a 45 degree angle. This allows for the flower to soak in more water.  Do not submerge foliage in water, this will just create breakdown and cause bacterial growth.

-Bulb flowers need cool water all other flowers need 100 degree water. This is what most florists recommend.

-You can use preservatives to prolong flower life.  Here is a homemade recipe and care instructions from

Homemade Flower Preservative

Home mixes can be as effective as commercial preservatives. This easy-to-make recipe is my favorite.

1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon household bleach
2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
1 quart lukewarm water

Care of Cut Flowers in an Arrangement

Here are some general rules that will help you make your cut-flower arrangements last:

  • Don’t overcrowd the flowers in the container.
  • Check the water level in the vase and replenish it frequently.
  • Flowers that go limp are not drinking well and need to be recut.
  • Always discard wilted blooms.
  • Keep flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight, and ripening fruits, which emit ethylene gas—a substance that causes buds to remain closed, petals to have poor color, and flowers to have a shortened vase life.

Hope this helps for your upcoming holiday.


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