Happy Memorial Day from Roanoke Landscapes

I very recently started working for Roanoke Landscapes as an office and social media manager. When I was hired, I had next to no knowledge about landscaping, and so I found myself asking the question “Why is landscaping important?”

Both of my parents have always enjoyed gardening. When I was younger and still lived at home with them, we would spend one weekend every spring mulching and getting the garden ready for the upcoming season. That weekend was more often that not Memorial Day weekend. As a kid, I considered this a complete waste of time. Why spend hours laboring in the dirt when there were hotdogs to be eaten and games of corn hole to play? Isn’t Memorial Day supposed to be about having a good time? Mulching, mowing, and stressing over the yard were not activities I associated with fun.

The more somber connotations of Memorial Day were not clear to me until I was older. I had friends and distant family members for whom the holiday was spent grieving rather than celebrating. They had lost a father, a sister, a child, and thus could no longer spend a long weekend “as a family.” Realizing this, I thought a bit harder about the many hours I had spent working in the garden with my parents. In truth, our time together was about much more than gardening. Together, we were were working to create a shared, beautiful place that we could all enjoy. Through mulching, planting, and the (totally backbreaking) pulling of weeds, we were celebrating the opportunity to be with each other. Not every family is so lucky. In the face of loss,  the “little things” in life become much more important: the simple and profound beauty of my mother’s flowers, the effort my dad put into growing new grass, and the time spent in good company. I cherish those memories now.

So, when thinking about why landscaping is important, I would have to say it is one of those “little things” that helps us appreciate what we have and hold dear. It is about creating a beautiful, safe place where families and friends can enjoy each others company. It is a labor of love and a celebration of life, color, and the places that we call home. This Memorial Day, I hope you enjoy your landscape fully and take the time to appreciate all the work you’ve put into building it. Step back and consider the individual efforts that have gone into every flower, every tree, and every patch of grass. Appreciate the small moments that make life beautiful, and remember to give thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and the families who are still grieving. Without them, we wouldn’t have so much to celebrate.


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