Landscape Lighting Tips and Tricks

Proper landscape lighting can make your landscape just as enjoyable and inviting at night as it is during the day. It is a must-have when it comes to hosting parties or being able to relax with your family after hours. With the plethora of lighting options now available, you can be creative, flexible, and cost-efficient with your designs. Now that summer is in full swing and barbecue season is upon us, Roanoke Landscapes is happy to provide some useful tips for how to get the most out of your landscape even after the sun goes down:

First, you probably want to consider what type of lighting to use. If you’re planning on using light bulbs along with or instead of candles and lanterns, we recommend using low-voltage LED lights. They are less costly to install, safer, and will save you a pretty penny when it comes to your electric bill! They can be purchased in various shapes and sizes at almost any hardware store.

Trees: Trees and shrubs look absolutely stunning when illuminated by landscape lighting. A ground lighting fixture (like a small outdoor spotlight) can be pointed upwards towards the trunk and base branches of larger trees to create a soft glow that will brighten up your entire yard. For smaller shrubs and trees, strands of white or yellow string lights can add a bit of holiday flare all year long. These smaller lights are fun, beautiful, and many strands come with different settings like “twinkle” or “fade” so that you can change things up to fit different moods.

Planting Beds and Gardens: Gardens and beds are at risk of being blown out by large light fixtures. Consider putting it softer, smaller fixtures that create pools of light to guide the viewer’s eye over the garden. Small, solar-powered lanterns and orbs lining the outer edge of your beds can give your garden a great highlight. Ornate, glass light fixtures look particularly beautiful in the garden, though small spotlights can work just as well.

Patio Lighting: There are lots of fun lighting options for your porch and patio. On outdoor tables, consider putting small lanterns or candles in glass jars to make vibrant, glowing centerpieces. Lanterns can also be placed on the outer edges of retaining walls or can be elevated on posts where extra light is needed. For those of you that prefer natural lighting, a fire pit, decorate torches, or even an outdoor fireplace installation are sure to wow guests and create a cozy atmosphere. A combination of natural (candles, lanterns) and electric light works great in outdoor living spaces, with natural light best being used as an accent against brighter electric light fixtures.

Your outdoor lighting should ultimately reflect the kind of atmosphere you want to create when it comes to entertaining friends and family. Want your yard to be whimsical and fun? Consider adding lots of string lighting and ornate light fixtures like globes and lanterns. You can even experiment with different colors! Are you looking for something more practical? Spotlighting on your large yard fixtures, path lights, and entrance lights around doors can easily do the trick. What you do with your landscape is up to you; we’re just happy to get you started!


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