DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Landscape

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Halloween decorating is something I look forward to every year. Usually, I start thinking about it in late August and my decorations are up by the end of September. I know, that’s a bit premature, but there’s really only one time of year when it’s acceptable to hang skeletons and glow-in-the-dark cobwebs over my fireplace. I like to maximize the season as much as I can, but all that decorating and prepping can be pricey. This year, my housemates and I spent over $50 on decorations for our living room and kitchen alone, and most of that loot was from the dollar store. I’m sure you can imagine how much money we could have spent if we had gone to a more expensive store, or if I had actually purchased a LED fog machine off Amazon like I wanted to. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast like me and my friends, it helps to have cheap, DIY decoration ideas at the ready. So, this year, I’m making a list of the coolest (and cheapest) decoration ideas I could find:

  1. Tree Ghosts

When I was growing up, there was nothing I loved more than walking through my cul-de-sac in October and seeing sheet ghosts swaying in the wind on neighborhood trees. These props are eerie looking at night, but not so scary as to alarm your neighbors. All you need is a white mylar balloon, a sharpie, and some gauze fabric, tulle, or a translucent sheet. Here’s a link for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Spider Wreath

A creepy twist on classic front door décor, the Halloween wreath is easy, cheap, and casually unnerving. You’ll probably have to make a trip to the craft store, but it’ll be much cheaper (and more fun) than buying premade decorations. Plus, after Halloween has ended, you can transition this wreathe into a holiday decoration! All you need is a wreathe form, white fabric you don’t mind cutting up, and some plastic spiders:

  1. Customizable Gravestones

These darkly humorous decorations are perfect for tricking friends and family members. The simple and cheap tomb stone designs can be customized to say anything. If you can’t think of the perfect caption, a stone memorializing “Al B. Bach” is always good for a chuckle:

  1. Burlap and Leaf Garlands

For those that aren’t into creepy decorations, these easy garlands are the perfect neutral fall accessory. They take barely any time or money, and can be easily replaced with Holiday lights once the season passes:

  1. Typography Pumpkins

Though many consider pumpkin carving a die-hard tradition, these typography pumpkins are cleaner than their cut up counterparts. There are many different ways to design typography pumpkins, but this how to recommends using chalkboard and gold spray paint to create an especially cool effect:

  1. Jack-O-Lantern Shade Covers

These cute light covers can dress up your dining/living room without overdoing it. The orange paper gives the room a soft orange glow and they’re easy enough for kids to make:

Do you like this list? Have something to add to it? Comment and let us know!


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