Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

Now that thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is finally in full swing! Driving around this past weekend, I noticed a lot of houses already had their seasonal lighting up. Every year, I find myself surprised by how much work homeowners will put into decking their houses out for the holidays. I’m not one for tall ladders or climbing out of windows to put the perfect finishing touch on a lighting design, but there are plenty of DIYers who do much more than that to accomplish stunning effects. If you’re one of those courageous homeowners (or just a novice looking for helpful starting points) be sure to check out these essential lighting tips. Following these pointers will help you stay safe as your risk life and limb to spread some Christmas cheer, and your holiday lighting designs will be better off for it too.

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Prepare Smart

You should have a plan of action before you even begin hanging up your lights. First of all, test all your lights out and make sure they’re working properly. Inspect the bulbs as well as the wires; frayed or torn wires can be a hazard. Then, identify the kind of power outlet you’ll be using to plug in your lights. The best kind of outlet to use is a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. If you don’t have one of these outlet, you can buy a portable one from a home supply store for about $20.00. Not bad, especially considering these outlets prevent overcurrents that could cause your lights to spark and create potentially dangerous conditions for you and your home.

Choose the Right Lights

Holiday lighting will typically be marked as either indoor or outdoor lighting. Pay attention to these labels and decorate accordingly. Outdoor lighting is built to withstand outdoor conditions. It’s water-proof and can handle icy conditions, unlike indoor lighting. Keep in mind the options you have when it comes to lighting design. Depending on your plan of action, you can use large (C7 or C9) bulbs; miniature, power saving bulbs, or LED net lighting for shrubs and plants.

Secure Your Lights and Yourself

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like a broken collarbone. Before you embark on a light install, make sure you’re using a reliable, sturdy ladder and that you have a “spotter” on the ground who can help you out when you’re in a tight spot. When you’re hanging your lights, secure them with insulated hanging clips rather than tacks or nails. Tacks and nails aren’t very durable or weather-proof, and, if you’re going to spend six hours hanging lights up, you might as well make sure they stay there. Further, always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t install lights by any power lines or on trees that come into contact with power lines. Keep a safe distance between yourself and any chance of you getting electrocuted.

Sound daunting? No worries! You can always hire a landscape lighting professional to help you out on more complicated installations. Roanoke Landscapes provides this service every holiday season. Learn more at our website:


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