Landscaping Resolutions for The New Year

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Good habits are easy to break and hard to keep. That’s why so many of our New Year’s resolutions end up falling flat. Enforcing positive behavior and letting go of bad habits takes persistent dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to accept change. After a long, busy year, finding the energy to completely revamp your life can seem hopeless, but it’s important to remember that most change is gradual, good things are built in time, and growth is a continuous process. Adopting just a few good habits at a time can put you on a path towards success and reinvention, even if the steps you’re taking seem small at first. This is true in life and in landscaping. So, our New Year’s gift to you is a list of simple but rewarding “Lawn Care Resolutions” that you can implement in 2017. Thankfully, these good habits are easy to form and easy to implement. We hope they will inspire you to start small and work your way up to achieving your most ambitious landscaping goals. Who knows, they may even inspire you to accomplish all your personal goals as well!

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Preparing Your Garden for Cold Weather

Earlier this year we wrote a post explaining the effects of frost on plants and shrubs. Now, we’re getting some seriously cold temperatures for the first time this season, so we’re going to go more in depth about how to protect gardens from early winter cold. Though snow and ice are uncommon in Virginia during December, they’re not unheard of. About seven years ago, a major snowstorm blew through the Blue Ridge around Christmastime, catching many off guard. It may seem early be begin “winter proofing” your garden, but, when it comes to Virginia’s bizarre weather patterns, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

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Why Gardening Gets Better with Age

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Studies show that the benefits of gardening extend far beyond the obvious material benefit of having fresh fruits and veggies at an arm’s reach. Gardening also has physical, emotional, and psychological benefits, making it a therapeutic and productive pastime for people of all ages. Perhaps surprisingly, seniors may reap the most benefits from regular gardening, which would explain why gardening has become an increasingly popular activity at senior living facilities and in retirement communities. What exactly do seniors stand to gain from picking up a gardening habit? The benefits are vast and encompass nearly all key areas of health and wellness!

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Creating a Dog Proof Lawn

What would we do without the companionship of dogs? Their endless love, pervasive optimism, and fluffy faces give us a wealth of fond memories. But, for those in pursuit of a perfect lawn, a dog’s energetic, ceaseless playing can cause major damage. Dog owners are probably used to seeing bare spots, turned up soil, and plant debris scattered throughout their yard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, there’s a way for dogs and lawns to coexist peacefully—it just takes a little work.

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A Guide to Christmas Tree Cutting

Picking a real Christmas Tree can be a big hassle. Going out to a farm, chopping down the tree with a hand saw, lugging it to your car, securing it to your car, and washing sap and pine needles off hands and clothes are just a few of the challenges one must face while picking the “perfect” tree. An additional challenge is deciding what kind of tree to get. On one hand, many pine tree varieties look similar and have similar properties, but, when it comes to making good Christmas Trees, some varieties have a clear edge over others. It’s important to stock up on Christmas Tree knowledge before you head out to the farm, lest you may spend hours securing a tree that will, ultimately, be unsuitable for your needs. We’ve written this Christmas Tree Guide to lend you a helping hand:

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