Perfect Holiday Lighting Tricks

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there are hundreds of design options to choose from. It can be hard to narrow down the best and most eye-catching option for your home, especially if you’re restrained by money and time. In this blog, we’ll detail some awe-inspiring lighting options and give tips on how to achieve the look without breaking the bank!

Image result for white christmas lights in bushes

White Silhouettes

Some simple but elegant white lighting is a classic holiday choice. White lighting looks especially impressive when used as a silhouettes on shrubs and trees. Achieving this clean, symmetrical look can be hard on uneven branches and rough surfaces, which is why most shrub and tree lighting looks droopy and erratic. For an easy fix, consider purchasing some landscape light netting to cover your plants with. This thin wire netting creates a smooth surface and makes it much easier to drape lights in a tight, symmetrical pattern. Plus, netting is relatively cheap and easy to use.

Image result for red and white christmas lights

Duotone Dazzle

I’m a big fan of loud, colorful light displays, but my neighbors probably aren’t. I don’t blame them; getting woken up by a Technicolor explosion every night must eventually get old. Luckily, there’s always a way to compromise. For instance, I love lighting displays that use lighting strings with only two colors on them. Dazzling enough but not obnoxious, bicolor strings are both classic and fun. I enjoy red and white strings, green and red strings, white and green strings, and green and blue strings particularly. These colors look great strung around columns, doorways, or railing. They don’t look as great in any kind of “bundled” design (like hung over bushes or in trees) since the symmetry of the colors is lost that way.

Image result for snowflake christmas lights

Winter Wonderland

Some decorations pack more of a punch than others. Individual lights look great, but it takes more of them to make a statement. Supplementing individual lights with bigger lighting fixtures can fill in gaps and save time. I like snowflake lighting fixtures, globe lighting fixtures, and icicle lighting fixtures hung from trees or doorways, particularly. LED lighting fixtures will save you some money on electricity, and purchasing a few heavy duty outdoor lighting clips will help these heavy fixtures stay put.

Image result for large christmas lights

Oversized Simplicity

Though small lights tends to be more popular, I think oversized bulb lights look stunning when used sparingly in bushes/shrubs or hung under porches. Bulb lights are heavier than string lights and should be spread out to avoid a cluttered look, but their size certainly makes a statement, especially on smaller homes.

Image result for christmas light tomato climber

Rustic Charm

Is your yard cluttered with leftovers from the summer? Tomato cages, wheelbarrows, vine climbing ladders, and other garden accessories may look like clutter during any other season, but, when decked out in Christmas lights, they become instantly festive and unique!

Try out these tricks and become the talk of the town! Don’t be surprised if you see passerbys gawking on the sidewalk or cars slowing down to catch an extra glimpse.


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