Landscaping Resolutions for The New Year

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Good habits are easy to break and hard to keep. That’s why so many of our New Year’s resolutions end up falling flat. Enforcing positive behavior and letting go of bad habits takes persistent dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to accept change. After a long, busy year, finding the energy to completely revamp your life can seem hopeless, but it’s important to remember that most change is gradual, good things are built in time, and growth is a continuous process. Adopting just a few good habits at a time can put you on a path towards success and reinvention, even if the steps you’re taking seem small at first. This is true in life and in landscaping. So, our New Year’s gift to you is a list of simple but rewarding “Lawn Care Resolutions” that you can implement in 2017. Thankfully, these good habits are easy to form and easy to implement. We hope they will inspire you to start small and work your way up to achieving your most ambitious landscaping goals. Who knows, they may even inspire you to accomplish all your personal goals as well!

Start Pampering Your Grass

It’s not easy putting time and energy into your turf, but implementing even the smallest change can affect your grass dramatically. For instance, setting your mower to mow a little higher can help your grass fight against disease, drought, and other ailments. A lawn cut at about 3”-3.5” can fight stressors better than a short mowed lawn can. You should also consider implementing a deep watering routine. Many homeowners will water grass frequently without taking the time to water deeply. Water grass nearer to the roots will encourage sturdier, deeper growth.

Try Composting

We wrote about composting in this post. It takes time to start a compost pile, but it’s a relatively easy, stress free process. Taking a few minutes each day to properly recycle organic waste and care for your compost pile is worth the numerous benefits that composting rewards. Good soil is integral to good landscaping. Your plants and flowers will fare better on top of composted soil.

Practice Weed and Pest Control

Many homeowners don’t confront weed and pest problems until they’ve already gotten out of hand. Preventing infestations is the best way to fight against them, so take a few moments every week to inspect your garden and yard for weeds and pests. Check under branches and leaves for eggs or larvae, and pull up any weeds you stumble across immediately. Regularly checking your landscape for problems will certainly save you a lot of money and time in the long run, so think of it as more of an investment than a chore.

Take Care of Your Tools

It’s easy to neglect garden tools when they sit in the back of a shed for the majority of the year. However, rusted, dull tools make a mess out of the simplest of garden chores. Take some time once a month or so to inspect your tools, and, if need be, sharpen them or apply a thin coat of oil. To prevent rusting, tools should be kept in a dry, well insulated space. Buying new tools is expensive, so keep up with your maintenance routine!

Spend More Time in Your Landscape

Sometimes it feels like the work we put into our homes and yards is more for other people than it is for us. This year, reclaim some of those spaces for yourself. See your landscape as a sanctuary away from the stresses of work and obligation and spend time appreciating what you have built and maintained. First and foremost, your landscape is your space, and the work you’ve put into it should give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. So sit down, take in the beautiful scenery, and let yourself relax—even if your grass has some bald spots or your rose bushes aren’t coming in. You can achieve the results you want in time.

Happy New Year and remember to keep growing!


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