Essential Lawn and Landscaping Tools

garden tools

Are you gearing up to get back in the garden this coming spring? To avoid common blunders, missteps, and landscaping disasters, it’s important to have all the right tools for the job. This can vary based on project, but there’s a few essential tools that landscapers (both amateur and professional) should always have on hand.

Square Mouth Shovel and Round Mouth Shovel

From scooping up snow and ice to lifting up dirt and roots, all landscapers need a hardy shovel in their itinerary. The square mouth shovel is the best heavy duty shovel you can find. The shovel head is large and strong, and its side edges are curved to provide maximum support for lifting, scooping, sifting, and basically anything else you need to do. The round mouth shovel works mainly for lifting and digging, but it’s sharp, flat edges make it much easier to dig with than the square mouth shovel. Serious gardeners should have both in their sheds.

Rock Rake

Speaking of shoveling, there’s nothing quite worse than having to shovel rocks from a garden bed. Sturdier than a regular garden rake, a rock rake accomplishes this much more smoothly than a shovel does. Its teeth can grip onto small or medium sized rock fragments and seamlessly separate them from the soil. This tool works great for pulling up weeds as well!


On rougher terrains, a pickaxe becomes a garden necessity. Hard ground can be easily broken apart with the pickaxe’s heavy, chisel-shaped head, and large blocks of sediment can be worked down into malleable pieces.

Yard Brush

In the fall and winter months, dead plant debris litters the ground. This debris is not only unseemly; it could potentially harbor dangerous pests and diseases. A yard brush clears away dead plant debris like a toothbrush clears away plaque. It’s heavy bristles can pick up everything from leaves to litter, leaving you with a fresh, clean slate.


Pruning and deadheading is an essential part of proper gardening practice. Scissors may work well enough, but they generally do a sloppy job. Shears are made for precise cutting and trimming. Make sure yours are oiled and cleaned regularly!

Limb Cutter

Like shears but for your heavy-duty plants and shrubs. Dead tree branches are a hazard, especially in the winter when heavy snow and ice can easily take down brittle plant limbs. A limb cutter will allow you to easily remove old branches in an instant, which is sure to help you stave off your temptation to procrastinate.


A sturdy wheelbarrow is an absolute must. For bigger landscaping projects, you might need an entire truck to help you lug around dirt, supplies, and other materials, but a wheelbarrow will make quick work of the labor required for smaller projects. Remember to perform regular maintenance checks on your wheelbarrow to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to metal rot or rust. I’ve seen a lot of wheelbarrows rot away in sheds and garages during the off-season, leaving their owners stranded come summer.


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