Landscape Water Features: Now for All Budgets


Photo by Karl on Flickr

Incorporating a pond, waterfall, or fountain into your landscaping plan is a great way of adding excitement and interest to your yard. However, for many people, water feature installations have traditionally been too expensive or complicated to pull off. Now, technological advances have made ponds, waterfalls, and fountains cheaper, more energy efficient, and more accessible for all budgets. As water features become more popular, landscapers and developers are working hard to give customers the diverse design options they want, which, in turn, has created higher quality products that can fit a more diverse set of needs. If you’ve been considering a water feature install, now is the perfect time to make that leap. Here are some tips to get you inspired:

 If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed, Start Small

Cascading waterfalls are breathtaking to look at, but realistically hard to maintain. A gigantic water installation simply isn’t the best option for every landscape. Luckily, there’s plenty of other installation designs out there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start small: consider a decorative fountain or a small, tabletop water garden. These installations are relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain, and very energy efficient. They may look modest, put the beauty and interest they can add to a yard should not be underestimated.

Let Your Creativity Shine

The increased popularity of water features has spurred a lot of new, innovative product designs. The tired dichotomy between “traditional” and “modern” no longer stands; now, there is plenty of room for free play. So, when shopping around for the perfect water feature, don’t limit yourself. Search for something that really fits the personality of your landscape, and keep your goals in mind. For instance, do you want a product that inspires tranquility and calmness, or one that’s loud and eye-catching? Do you want something that blends seamlessly into your landscape, or something that stands out? With so many designs to choose from, you have free reign to give your landscape exactly what it wants. Go for it!

Incorporate Water Features into Already Existing Landscapes

The best kind of water features are the ones that help accentuate and add drama to what’s already there. We love installing small fountain heads and lights onto existing retaining walls to create a flowing, beautiful effect. A small pond placed carefully between flower beds can add one-of-a-kind flare to your flowers and shrubs.  You don’t need to overdo it—a water feature creates a lot of emphasis on its own. Work with what you already have.

Chose Eco Friendly Designs

One of the biggest reservations clients have about water features is how much extra water they’ll be using a month. Luckily, technological advances have made water features much more efficient—some waste no water at all. Considering this, it’s probably worth the money to invest in something that won’t make your water bill go through the roof. Here’s some unique eco-friendly designs from Houzz.


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