Your Definitive Guide to Flower Giving


Photo by Liz West.

Is it just me or did Valentine’s day sneak up on us this year? It seems like it was only a few days ago when I first started noticing the flower aisle of my local grocery store lit up with evanescent heart-shaped balloons and cutesy love propaganda. Or maybe I’ve just been avoiding thinking about it…..purchasing the perfect V-Day gift is hard work, after all. You don’t want your present to be too commercialized, but you also don’t want to risk buying a unique present that turns out to be a totally dud. In my mind, a bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect medium: classy, timeless, and free of the cheesy love puns that companies are now plastering all over chocolate bars and stuffed teddy bears. But even then, there are thousands of different flowers to choose from. Where to begin?


Well, first you should probably think about color. It has long been known that color can have an intense effect of human emotion. Some colors evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility; others incite anger. Of course, red and pink are first picks for Valentine’s Day. These colors inspire feelings of passion and love, which makes them a safe bet for a holiday built on those sentiments. However, your partner may want a more customized display of affection. For instance, bright yellow or orange colored flowers express whimsicality and inspire energy. If your partner has a flare for the dramatic, they may appreciate a brighter bouquet. Light blue, purple, and white flowers promote tranquility, which makes them the perfect start to a more relaxing evening. Light pink, magenta, and cream colored flowers give off a plush, romantic tone—perfect for long-time partners looking to focus more on romance than passion.


When picking out a bouquet, you want to find one that matches your partner’s personality. Florists create bouquets that are designed to express, and, if you want your partner to feel appreciated, a bouquet that speaks to them on a personal level is best. For instance, if your partner enjoys long hikes in the woods, campfires, fishing trips, and “roughing it” in the great outdoors, they will probably enjoy a bouquet that makes use of natural elements: flowering green plants, wildflowers, and light woodsy accents. Alternatively, if your partner loves everything eccentric, they will appreciate an eccentric bouquet that makes use of exotic flowers, interesting textures, and bright colors.

Consider Your Options

Florists create bouquets with various style guidelines in mind. Familiarize yourself with these styles so that you can better customize your sweetie’s bouquet: Monobotanic arrangements (featuring only one type of flower, but not necessarily one color); Monochromatic arrangements (featuring flowers that are all the same color but not necessarily the same type); similarly textured (featuring plants that all basically share the same texture); and differently textured (featuring plants that showcase a variety of textures). You’ll also get to pick out a vase, and you’ll want to make sure the vase is just as special as the bouquet!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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