The Perks of Outdoor Living


Photo by Jon Collier.

Your living space is your sanctuary—a place for peace, leisure, and tranquility far removed from the stress of professional and social obligations. You’ve probably set up your living room, kitchen, and bedroom exactly how you want them to be: the right fabrics, the perfect lighting, and all the amenities needed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Most likely, you use and enjoy these spaces nearly every day. However, your yard and landscape may be getting less use, especially during the winter months. It’s time to stop neglecting your outside space; making an investment in your property means you should be using and enjoying all of it. Sprucing up your landscape by installing some Outdoor Living features—such as an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a patio, or a deck—is a simple way to get more out of your property: more space, more fun, more leisure, and more relaxation.

Built to Entertain

Outdoor living spaces are built for leisure. Kicking back and relaxing in your backyard is tough if you only have a plot of grass and a couple of rusted lawn chairs! Patios, decks, and other hardscapes are designed to give you more space for the activities you enjoy, and landscapers are more than willing to work with you so you can get exactly what you want. Do you love cookouts? A patio with a built in bar, grill, outdoor oven, and mini fridge makes entertaining friends easy as can be. Are you a big bonfire fan? A simple fire pit install brings the bonfire to you. Installing a few heat lamps and some outdoor lighting opens up your space for use all year long, and for much cheaper than it would cost to build an extension on your house.

Perfect for Families

Outdoor living spaces encourage families to spend more time outside together. Whether that time is spent preparing fresh meals in an outdoor kitchen, sitting around a fire together, or playing games out on the patio, opening up your outdoor space opens up your options. A great yard should never go to waste, especially as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. Adding some fun features to your landscape will encourage your family to use it more.

Low Maintenance

Hardscapes are surprisingly easy to maintain, and adding a patio or deck to your landscape may actually save you time on mowing, trimming, and weed-pulling. Hardscapes are built to last with durable, weather-resistant material. They need only be cleaned a couple times a year and, when constructed properly, they can take a beating without even the slightest hint of ware. This is great for kids, pets, and parties—all three of which typically cause trouble for manicured lawns. Plus, you’ll never have to mow concrete!

A Property Value Boost

Because outdoor living spaces increase the amount of usable space a property has, they are a great investment. Long lasting and consistently popular, an outdoor entertainment area will easily boost your property’s value and make your home more attractive to potential buyers. If you want your outdoor living space to truly be an investment, invest in high-quality materials and builders who won’t cut corners in order to give you a cheaper product. You are essentially investing in another room for your home, so you want to put just as much care into your outdoor living space as you do your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.


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