Early Spring Landscaping Tips


Photo by Stevesworldofphotos via Flickr

The beginning of spring is one of the busiest times of year for landscapers and gardeners. In Southwest Virginia (and much of The United States in general), the weather has been unseasonably warm, causing plants to bloom much earlier than expected. At Roanoke Landscapes, we’ve been rushing to prepare yards for the start of spring: readying irrigation system to be turned on, mowing and pruning, and fertilizing thawed ground. Here are our tips on what *you* can do to get your yard in tip-top shape before the season change. The sooner you start, the better prepared you’ll be!

Thoroughly Prune Evergreens

Does your landscape include evergreen shrubs and trees? You’ll want to start pruning those now before the weather shifts. Cut slowly but steadily, shaping and controlling size.

Plant Early Spring Crops

Mustard greens, turnips, green beans, corn, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, and other early spring crops can be planted now. You can also set out transplants of tomatoes and peppers, but be prepared to cover in case of a late frost.

Prepare to Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Some of your spring-flowering shrubs and trees may already be blooming. In that case, you can go ahead and prune them. For late bloomers, wait to prune into the plant has flowered completely. If any of your plants are winter damaged, go ahead and remove any dead or diseased growth.

Fill Bird Feeders

Thousands of bird species are migrating back from their winter habitats! Setting up bird houses and bird feeders will give them a place to R&R while they make the long flight back.

Mulch and Fertilizer

Help your plants wake up from their winter hibernation by cleaning out beds, fertilizing soil, and spreading a fresh layer of mulch.

Plan for Planting

Early March is the perfect time to plan for this year’s new plantings. Visit nurseries and shop for summer or fall-flowering perennials. Try something new this year—cut through the drab of your gardening routine by incorporating more bright colors and interesting textures.

Clean and Mow Your Lawn

Over the winter, your lawn might have accumulated various kinds of debris like dead branches or leaves. Now is a good time to thoroughly clean your yard, removing any clutter that may be harboring diseases and pests. Once your lawn is clean, you can start your mowing routine. In early spring, cut at 3” or higher to prevent brown spots from forming.

If you need help with any of your spring gardening or landscaping chores, be sure to call a landscaping professional as soon as possible. We get booked quickly this time of year!


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