What is “Green Collar” Work?

Green Collar Worker

Photo by the U.S Department of Agriculture

We speak often of “blue collar” and “white collar” work—that is, the differences between those who work with their hands and those who work in offices and institutions. But there’s another new category of work that is currently gaining prominence in America’s occupational landscape—green collar work.

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Drip Irrigation FAQ

For the past few weeks, Roanoke Landscapes has been busy turning on irrigation systems for our clients. This dry, hot weather makes irrigation systems especially appealing. Automated watering systems are smart, reliable, and efficient in climates where rain is sporadic or scarce. They make the difficult task of keeping lawns and gardens well hydrated into something that is almost mindless: push a button, select a watering schedule, and suddenly all your watering is done for you. Simple, right?

In fact, every year irrigation systems are getting more advanced, efficient, and easier to operate. Irrigation as an agricultural concept has been around for some 5000 years, meaning there has been ample time for invention and progress within the irrigation industry. As irrigation professionals, we always try to keep up with the latest trends, gadgets, and water-conservation methods. Our clients often come to us with questions about the best tried-and-true irrigation methods, and something they’ve been particularly curious about lately is drip irrigation.

Drip Irrigation

Photo by Joby Elliott.

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April Gardening Checklist

Another month, another long list of chores to accomplish in the yard and garden! On the bright side, spring has officially sprung here in southwest Virginia. The trees are blooming, the grass is growing, and all of this warm weather is bringing us respite from the sedentary, indoor lives we led over the winter. Yes, it’s time to get back outside again, and what could be a better excuse to spend time outdoors than the amount of work it’s going to take to get your landscape in tiptop shape for the spring? Fear not, these chores can actually be a lot of fun—just remember to wear sunscreen!

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Organic Forms of Weed Control

Photo by Adam Bailey.

Our customers, and the customers of many other landscaping companies, are increasingly curious about organic forms of weed control. Traditional herbicides like Round-Up concern them; they worry that pets, children, and the environment may be at risk from harmful chemical toxins. They want newer, cleaner solutions, and most landscaping companies are now happy to oblige. Generally, organic herbicides don’t work quite as well as traditional herbicides, but they are much cleaner and safer. For many homeowners, a perfectly pristine lawn isn’t worth the potentially deleterious effects of chemical toxins, so taking the leap to organics is well worth it. For now, the choice is entirely up to the homeowner, but, in the future, more state governments (California has already labeled Round-Up as a carcinogen) may begin enacting laws that prohibit the use of certain chemical herbicides, so, if you’ve never considered using organics, now is the perfect time to start.

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