May Landscaping Tips

May Landscaping Tips

Photo by Roman Boed.

May is one of the busiest months of the year when it comes to landscaping and gardening, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. May, especially here in Southwest Virginia, is abloom with color and sweet smelling fragrances. Gardens are officially awake from their winter slumber, and you will start to see some results from your early spring prepping. But there’s still work to do. For a full and fruitful season, be sure to stay faithful to your gardening and landscaping chores. Here are some good places to begin:

It’s now warm enough to begin planting annuals and tropical plants. You can also begin planting your container gardens. Once in the ground, heavy blooming annuals should be fertilized about every two weeks. This should keep you busy throughout the month!

Shrubs that bloomed in early spring can now be pruned (only if they have completely finished blooming). Azalea, Forsythia, and Lilac are a few common examples.

Rose bushes can now be fed, watered, sprayed, and deadheaded for optimum growth.

Is it dry and hot outside already? Replenish mulch around trees or beds to keep plant roots wet, and be sure to water new plantings frequently. Relying on the rain can be a risky bet.

It’s hummingbird season! For a simple feeder, mix one part sugar with four parts water in a drip. Remember to change this solution regularly, as it can become toxic when left out in the sunlight.

Pests love the warm weather just as much as humans do. Keep an eye out for signs of them on your plants and yard. Possible clues include: yellow or brown dry spots in grass, leaf death, damaged stems, and discoloration on plants! Use pesticides sparingly but treat potential outbreaks as soon as possible.

By Memorial Day, peppers and tomatoes are good to go in the ground. If the weather stays consistently warm, they may be able to go in earlier, but don’t risk the potential for a bad frost. These tender fruits are easily damaged by cold weather.

All done? Spring is a great time to start a new landscaping project! Perhaps you’d like to remodel your lawn, build a hardscape feature, or put in some new landscape lighting? Now—while the weather is good and the season is ripe—is the best time to survey your landscape and think about the work you’d like to do in the future. After all, a beautiful spring pairs well with a beautiful landscape


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