Five Smart Gardening Gadgets

Though many people garden to get away from emails, phone calls, and the constant machine buzzing of industrialized civilization, technology has no doubt aided many gardeners in their search for efficiency, time management, and heightened productivity. Garden gadgets have become a somewhat unavoidable part of modern gardening. Even the most luddite of gardeners likely have a couple smart tools they use to help them keep track of tedious chores. Simply, some technologies really do make our day to day lives that much easier. When you’re done reading about these gardening gadgets, you might find some of them far too useful to pass up.

Gardening Gadgets

Photo by Uditha on Flickr.

ColdSnap Frost Alarm App

As all Virginians know, the unpredictability of spring is often a gardener’s worst enemy. This simple app quells worry by monitoring radar notifying users when temperatures are expected to drop dangerously low, so they can have time to prepare plants for the shock of a late-season freeze. Users can even monitor up to four zones at once. The cost? Less than two dollars a download.

Parrot Flower Power

If you’re the type to care for your plants with scientific precision, Parrot Flower Power can give you a unique window into the most intricate aspects of your plants’ environment. This small sensor can calculate the levels of sunlight, moisture, temperature, and fertilizer your plants are getting so you can care for them with absolute accuracy. This gadget retails at $59.99.

Sun Seeker

Many a gardener has asked themselves how to calculate the exact amount of sun a given area of their yard gets in a day. Sitting out in a lawn chair and manually counting minutes just isn’t practical for the majority of people. Luckily, the “Sun Seeker” app can do all of that for you, instantly. With the click of a button, you can calculate how many hours of sunlight different areas of your yard will get from day to day and season to season. For just $6.99, you’ll never worry about sun-starving your plants again!


Even the most fastidious of gardeners occasionally forget to water their plants. After all; the bigger the garden, the more complicated the watering schedule. This application can keep track of all your plants’ watering needs for you. It’ll create logs of your plants watering needs and then send you reminders every time a plant needs watering. Oh, and it does all this for FREE.


Like the name implies, this garden gadget scares away pesky critters who may be trying to make a feast of your tomato plants. The high-tech part? This device is essentially a motion-triggered irrigation sprinkler. When something moves too close, it releases a stealth spray of water that is all too effective at keeping pesks at bay. The cost of this gadget is about $55.00, but it will keep your garden safe for many seasons to come.


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