Building A Fairy Garden

According to legend, fairies are harbingers of good luck. In order to harness some of that good luck, people have created a variety of tactics aimed at luring fairies into their homes. Building a fairy garden—a miniature, indoor greenscape complete with small plants and tiny accessories—is one way of attracting fairies that has become a popular pastime among gardeners, even the ones who give no credence to folklore. Why? Well, fairy gardens offer more than just good luck. They also give gardeners a project they can work on year-round that’s fun for the whole family. Building a fairy garden is fairly simple, and there’s tons of tips and tricks available online, including those outlined in this article. The most important thing to remember is that each fairy garden is supposed to be unique to the vision and creativity of the fairy gardener. Almost anything goes—as long as it’s made and tended to with love.

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